"You can't make music lie. It's either in tune or not. It's either appealing to you or it isn't." ~ Eric Clapton
" I don't have an issue on this particular one. I can remember one night playing one of the best concerts of my life, looking down in the front row and seeing a guy with a mike taping. I had the choice of calling someone from security and saying, 'Look there's a bootlegger!' but then ... I thought that it would ruin one of the best concerts I've ever done. The record companies would always be against the situation though, because otherwise musicians couldn't make a living. If bootleggers ruled the world we wouldn't make a living" ~ Eric Clapton
"Nothing but my soul to save, from the cradle to the grave'...It was one of those things, you wake up in the middle of the night, run downstairs and write it down. What it means, I think, is that the music I'm making here has been my motivation. It's the thing I've turned to, the thing that has given me inspiration and relief, in all the trials and tribulations in my life." ~ Eric Clapton
Welcome at, what my view is of, Yet Another Slowhand Site!!

Here you can find my collection of EC music (adding more entries and info all the time), some usefull links and a way of contacting me in case you want to set up a trade (also a way for me to broaden my collection) or B&P.


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